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Kizen Stores

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version of KIZEN

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Kizen Store
For the management of medical warehouses, shops and pharmacies

The Kizen program has several basic features in all its versions, as follows


  • . Ease of use and attractive interactive interfaces

  • The lack of complexity in the terminology and the ability of any person to deal with the system even in the absence of prior experience in the warehouse programs and the existence of a manual to use the program in addition to explain the system through the telephone call institution

  • High security and redundancy to protect the client from loss of data through an integrated system responsible for carrying out scheduled backups by hours and working days on several sources (on the same computer - on the external hard USB - on the cloud online in case of Internet availability)

  • A complete system for notifications and updates to inform customers of the issuance of new copies and obtain them free of charge via the Internet

  • A complete system of technical support is integrated into the program to serve customers via direct text chat with the technical support team within the working hours and technical support tickets outside the office to follow each request individually until the completion of the inquiry and the closing of the ticket with the customer with the evaluation options after the completion of the service Technical support

  • The interactive SMS service with customers when opening files, billing and approaching the end of the items and collective advertising, and this through the opening of our account in the system and send messages using the Internet service

  • The possibility of developing and modifying the system according to the customer's need and desire by sending the proposal to be studied and implemented with future updates and circulated to all previous customers

  • No need to maintain the program monthly / annually. As the customer is not bound by any additional payments and costs after the purchase of the program as the system contains all the necessary tools for maintenance, optimization and speeding and the customer can do it periodically on his own without the help of a specialist

  • Immediate technical support through the technology of all customers without exception for the errors of the software and problems that may occur because of the large number of employees in the establishment and thus solve the problem in record time and without fatigue by the client

  • The system is designed by Arab hands to serve the interests of Arab enterprises and their need and the ability to switch to the English language at any time by the customer and the advantage of adding translations other than Arabic and English as needed and demand

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