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some ways to take advantage of our services



  • Send a mobile message to the patient with the medical file number

  • Send a mobile message to the patients

  • Send a mobile message by reminding patients of the date of medication

  • Send a bulk message to all reviewers

  • An ideal way to connect with the staff and mangers

  • Send a mobile message to your daily revenue and expenses report

Medical Record Analysis
Medical Record Analysis
Father and daughter at computer

Individuals and families

  • For the greater use of the individual to communicate personally with colleagues and relatives instead of sending a message from his mobile phone network

  • Schedule reminders and memos and remind you by a mobile message

  • Used to spread the news of the tribe or family and the link to the womb through a short message collectively at the click of a button

Schools and universities


  • Optimizing communication with the student's guardian and sending mobile messages periodically includes student behavior in the teacher

  • Sending mobile messages in case of absence

  • Send mobile messages to student results in detail for each subject

  • Send mass mobile messages to parents or teachers for a specific activity or event

School Hallway
Volunteer Group

Charitable organizations

  • Special price and special support for charities of all kinds

  • A quick way to remember the funerals and their dates

  • Sending mobile messages to donors and motivating the charity

  • Send mobile messages to supporters of the news and achievements of the Association

  • Send reminders to remind you of a lecture or advocacy activity

Institutions and companies


  • Reminds of meetings and meetings

  • Send SMS messages with company news and products to all customers

  • Send a message directly to the customer's summary of the purchase

Packaging Factory

Delegates and collection



  • Connect with your latest products

  • Remind the customer of payment schedules and arrival times

Maintenance and production services


  • Send a mobile message if the client is finished repairing

  • Remind the customer of the date of receipt, delivery details and cost

Maintenance and Repair

Our services cover all over

Kingdom and the world

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