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Features of SMS service

  • The fastest way to communicate with your customers.

  • The fastest way to instantly market through bulk messages.

  • Easy to use and practical application interface and fast.

  • Our lowest price compared to regular mobile messages.

  • Without subscription or establishment fees.

  • Subscription duration is open.

  • The appropriate cost of the message - international and domestic.

  • Your own control panel in our software.

  • Ability to set the time of sending messages at any time of the day, hour and minute.

  • Duplicate numbers can be deleted to provide messages when sending mass.

  • Use of Arabic and English in transmission.

  • Full control of changing the name of the sender and the possibility of adding names or numbers to the sender.

  • Complete privacy for you and your numbers where the deal is direct between us and the customer without the presence of a third party.

  • Send messages to a large number of mobiles at once - you can send more than 10,000 numbers in seconds.

  • Add, edit, delete, or add to an unlimited number of groups, names, and numbers.

  • Long messages - up to 6 consecutive messages.

  • Search by number or by name.

  •  Sent to save sent messages - In addition, the status of the transmitter status has been / has not been / is not connected to the Internet.

  • Message statement (sent, canceled, on-line) and easy to follow up and print reports by dates.

  • Store your phonebook as an external file that you can easily handle - an Excel file format or an Adobe protected file.

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